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patrick kelly, iman, grace jones, and naomi campbell
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patrick kelly, iman, grace jones, and naomi campbell

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The best graffiti that i seen even,

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Yea a lot of people don’t know the face behind all the work when it comes to art… Plus I always write something in the hair so try and look hard for the words in the hair of the people I draw. I’m a normal person that enjoys boondocks and drawing. I had no idea that the pics I was so fearful of posting will get over 1000 notes! ;A; I kinda wanted to cry when I saw that… So I am putting then all together along with my smiling face to show my thanks. RB and comment if you like to.

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Jazz is…

 1.  Dexter Gordon
 2.  Pearl Bailey
 3.  Big Jay McNeely
 4.  Ella Fitzgerald
 5.  Art Blakey
 6.  Sonny Stitt
 7.  Billie Holiday
 8.  Charles Mingus
 9.  Miles Davis
10. John Coltrane

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I ain’t see zhane up there

Why they shade Ashanti like that

destiny’s child sold more than xscape, swv, and envogue this is a joke 

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If White People Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature

You know something. This isn’t even a joke. I don’t know if white people truly TRULY pay attention to his authors describe POC characters. We’re always associated with a food (albeit delicious ones) but when you think about it is so gross….

You never see white descriptions like this. You always see words like “ethereal, angelic ,alabaster skin.”..etc etc.


Didn’t tumblr make this list happen?

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The last words said by Black youth murdered by policemen. 

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Young | Gifted | Black | Wanted
Aug 20, 2014

Young | Gifted | Black | Wanted

Stand and Surrender Resist.
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Stand and Surrender Resist.

it’s been a while.
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it’s been a while.